IBZ Sunless - De B2B-partner voor producten in sunless tanning voor salons in BelgiΓ« en Nederland. Koop kwalitatieve en professionele producten aan scherpe prijzen.

About us

IBZ Sunless - Professional spraytan solutions

Founder Greet Henderyckx has been in the sunless industry for over a decade, owning a busy spraytan salon, Glow Sunless, as well as a line of self tanners under the Glow Brand. Knowing client expectations and difficulties of finding a perfect spraytan solution that is hydrating as wel as giving dark results with EU regulations that are in place, she decided to launch this first range of solutions for spraytan professionals.
Our range of professional spraytan solutions is formulated for every skintype with Skin-loving ingredients and following EU regulations.
Both our Medium and Dark overnight as well as our Express formula contain no higher then 10% DHA.

Greet Henderyckx is also the owner of Glow Sunless. Β All the Glow sunless self tan products are for sale in our B2B webshop.

Pro tips from our founder

01. Prepare


Always tell your clients to exfoliate with oil-free scrub, preferably with an exfoliating glove, one or two days before their tan.

Ask your clients not to wear bodylotion, deodorant or makeup on the day of their tanning.

02. Mix / Customize

body lotion

All our solutions can be mixed to achieve a custom glow!

For lighter skintypes, reduce developping time but remember to leave on our overnight solutions (medium and dark) for a minimum of 4 hours, and the express for a minimum of 3 hours.

03. Bridal


Our medium and express solutions can be used as a bridal tan for most light to medium skintypes.

With proper pre- and aftercare, the solution won't transfer to your client's dress. Always trial tan your brides and tan preferably 2 days before their wedding.

04. First rince


The first shower after tanning is important! Tell your clients to rince with only water and be sure to remove all cosmetic bronzer.

The second shower, tan-safe shower gels can be used (preferably shower gels without harsh sulfates).


Our solutions are made with the highest quality ingredients and meet the European guidelines and standards